innovare: (Latin innovāre)

[innoˈvare] verb: {transitive}
to innovate, to reform, to do something differently.

Innovative Custom Communication Solutions.

The landscape of work is changing. Technology changes and improves. Innovare Telecom™ is here to help clients easily, seamlessly, and successfully meet those changes in the most cost-effective way so they can continue to work and run businesses smoothly and successfully.

One Bill.
One Contact.
Multiple Solutions.

Innovare provides custom Internet and telecommunications solutions to businesses with multiple or remote locations. We’re dedicated to helping our clients stay connected to the people that keep their businesses moving — their customers, employees, and vendors — in the easiest and most efficient ways.

We offer a number of different high-quality products and services in order to create the perfect and unique solution for any business.

Innovare simplifies the process for you. We provide local representation so you deal with one contact, receive one bill, yet reap the benefits of having your communication needs run and work on the nation’s proven networks, including the option for full redundancy so your business never has to experience a telecommunication disruption.

Seamless Solutions.

No matter the industry, we’re driven to make communicating at work easier for our clients.

Zoom Meeting

From dedicated internet access to proven VoIP softphone solutions, we ensure you and your employees can successfully work wherever they are.

Computer Monitors

No two businesses have the same needs. We ensure that what we propose and implement meets those unique needs.

Business people looking at a screen during a video conference

As a certified Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC), we work with the nation’s largest and most reliable networks to create solutions that work.

Boston Skyline

Based in the greater Boston Area, Innovare serves businesses with a personal touch, a teamwork spirit, and a willingness to provide unparalleled products and services.