who we are

who we are

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Innovare Telecom™ is here to provide local representation and support for all ongoing customer communication needs. We’re bringing a small company feel to a big marketplace.

Workspace needs and requirements are changing and will continue to do so. Innovare is committed to helping our clients solve the communication challenges that come with those changes.

We’re equipped and ready to manage and provide solutions remotely, on-site, or a combination of the above. Safety meets innovation in our communication solutions.


One-Stop Shop for Communication Needs

Based in the greater Boston Area, Innovare serves small- to mid-sized businesses with multiple office or remote locations, and heavy telecommunications needs including internet and mobility.

Innovare succeeds when our clients succeed. We know running a business is complicated enough without needing to deal with unreliable internet and communications systems. We can make sure your internet and communication systems are a custom fit, always work reliably, and deliver what you need in the most cost-effective way. 


what drives us

Above all, we are advisors, strategists, and engineers focused on providing our clients the deliverables they want and need. To that end, our over-arching goal is to develop effective, helpful, mutually beneficial relationships that facilitate our clients’ growth as they face expected and unexpected change.


The values that serve that goal are …

  • Customer Commitment.

    We’re committed to developing positive relationships with our customers and listening to their challenges and needs in order to provide the right flexible and effective solution.

  • Quality.

    Our customers can expect only the highest quality and reliable products along with excellent customer service.

  • Integrity.

    Our team works with customers to create the best solution for them. Our interests are customer-focused. We’ll always strive to create and deliver the right solutions for you and your business.

  • Teamwork.

    The Innovare team works closely with our customers and their engineers to create a healthy and reliable working environment that delivers the right product.

  • Respect.

    Whether your business has 5 employees or 500, you have our respect at every level of the organization — from the janitor to the CEO. And when working with you, your values join ours.

  • Willingness to Win in Our Marketplace.

    By providing reliable products and services to our clients while committing to work hard for them, we can grow our footprint and market share, and win the business by doing a great job — every time.

  • Accountability.

    We hold our leadership, employees, and vendors accountable to the task and job at hand. When we make a commitment to a proposal, or a timeline, we do what we’ve promised. No cutting corners. No uniform solutions. Simply great products, great service, and great custom solutions.

Technology Platforms

We have partner relationships with the largest technology companies.